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Empowering Patients and Providers with

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Custom Facial & Body Prosthetics

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Opportunities for Providers

FPIR shares a Q&A with Australia-based clinical anaplastologist, Sophie Fleming


The IMPT holds its biennial international congress in Swansea, Wales, UK!

IMPT 2019

The IAA & BMF will host a Joint Conference in downtown Lima, Péru, July 15-17, 2020!

IAA & BMF 2020

Advanced Digital Technology in Head & Neck Reconstruction, Tokyo, Japan, June 20-22,2019 

ADT 2019

The IASPE looks back on its 2018 Symposium and announces the next in Leipzig, 2020!


33rd International Anaplastology Association Educational Conference

IAA 2019


FPIR shares information about custom facial and body prostheses and helps patients to establish connections with qualified practicing providers.


Email: info@facialprosthetics.org

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